Spiritual Shift, Numerology and Repeating Numbers

The repeating numbers phenomena can be defined as people seeing repeated numbers more frequently than usual. The most reported sightings refer to seeing repeating patterns of numbers in digital clocks, license plates, ads, billboards, TV, or everywhere the imagination can think of.

Numerology is an ancient science with an already decent set of tools allowing us to more easily find and understand hidden meanings, namely spiritual meanings. The relations between numbers and their meanings might serve as a communication tool for consciousness awareness processes between the physical and the spiritual world.

New followers of this so-called spiritual shift and numerology connection phenomena keep increasing everyday. Some fringe scientists are relating the repeating numbers phenomena as a stronger global consciousness process that seems to be fast wide-spreading all over the world. This idea can, on edge, be identified and sensed on a subconscious level, as a general population need for a revolutionary process that is needed as a natural evolution process.

This phenomena seems to have the ability to make people question the established paradigms, to make them look for answers on how to improve things for the better.

The global sensed wake up call might be using this repeated numbers phenomena as a suggesting tool to some sort of spiritual enlightenment or development process to a more dignified, happy, and prosperous human change into the right direction.

On a higher perspective of things, numerology together with a higher consciousness global awareness, is creating new consciousness points of perception, making people wiser in spiritual terms. This evolution is a raising and cumulative process that is raising awareness on many levels. This phenomena should be viewed as a stepping process in which each step is as important as any past, present or future ones. So it is an evolution, an evolution not only of the physical, but of the spiritual essentially.

The Repeating Numbers Phenomena Paradox

“Are people finding hidden meanings in the repeating numbers phenomena expecting a consciousness raise? Or is it the global consciousness raise making people see more meanings in numbers?”

Tob Williams

This might be a question we’re not yet able to fully answer. One thing is certain though, people are taking an increasing interest on the numerology meanings and on the repeating numbers phenomena.

The repeating numbers phenomena sightings seem to surpass what would normally be considered an average probability rate of seeing repeated patterns in numbers. Even influenced by a normal tendency to see more repeated numbers due to a higher self-awareness of the fact. Other factors such as the precision, intention and relations of these sort of phenomena seem to suggest something else might be influencing this phenomena.
Seeing almost only repeating numbers in digital clocks for a whole day might seem strange to anyone.
It is possible, due to the spiritual side of awareness, that someone might look at a digital clock that shows 2:22. That might be the fact that the mind, or possibly other factors, might suggest the conscious mind to look at the clock at that specific time. But one can’t dismiss some sort of spiritual phenomena process just for the fact that one can wake up in the morning at the exact same time, even when not using an alarm clock. Though that might explain part of the phenomena, it is nevertheless prove that there isn’t any sort of spiritual process on the work, except for the internal clock awareness one might have developed.

And even thought it’s understandable that people might draw their attention up to things they are thinking of or searching for, there is a limit to this fact and scientific studies should be made on the subject.

The most common reported repeated numbers are usually the 1111, 22, 33, 44, 55, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 and so on. Many people keep reporting seeing the number 11:11 on digital clock displays, and all the other combination of repeated numbers such as the “Master Numbers” (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66…).

The Skeptics

The theories surrounding the repeating numbers phenomena don’t gather full support from the ones with a skeptic point of view regarding this theory. They usually point out to the fact that it’s normal to see more of the things we’re expecting to see, influenced by the higher awareness state regarding a specific fact.
This fact might influence the emerging patterns our brain naturally uses, and this is a known psychological effect. This is generally caused by the natural way our brain functions, trying to identify patterns and relations, as a way to process the vast amount of information that needs processing.
Our brain functions, more by a relational than linear way, which seems to be the very own way nature found to efficiently process the vast information available.


Many theories on this matter have been discussed on the matter. Some point out to the fact that there are no coincidences, or as Einstein would put it “God doesn’t play with dices”, meaning the all the numbers, as well as all the other parts of reality have on an essential level some sort of structure which defines and rules the whole.
So the repeating numbers phenomena might be coming from consciousness-specific-awareness-states, that might be influenced by people quantum entanglement processes, as well as all others to influence or be influenced in shifting the global reality.

The ones seeing duplicated numbers everywhere can’t really be “blamed” for sensing those phenomena frequently. And there should be, at least a probability study, into the repeating numbers phenomena in order to determine the exact frequency and patter relations of such events occurrence.

Anyway, and disregarding the fact that this phenomena could, or could not be spiritually caused, the widely reported phenomena might as well be another sign of people sensing the spiritual answers more intuitively.

Though nothing is yet completely proved or even accepted by the mainstream science. People going through the process of seeing repeated numbers are still raising questions, and I’m sure questions will keep coming. But this is the only way, only questioning will we find an answer. One can’t know the answer if no questions are made, so never stop asking.

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