Disappearing Objects Phenomenon Explanation

The disappearing objects phenomenon (DOP) is a somewhat known type of event that has been having a large number of reported cases.
I had no previous knowledge of these type of events, nor regarding the large quantity of people reporting events where things mysteriously disappear.
Most times, people tend to forget about DOP events, no matter how strange the situation was. They forget about it ever taking place, don’t give it much thought and discarding it as unimportant. This could also be happening because the DOP appears impossible to the person experiencing it. Also, the mind could be trying to justify itself to what it knows, since the mind constantly finds correlations as a means of making sense of the world. People find themselves dwelling over Darwinian DOP explanations such as being victims of robbery, memory failure, or just rather not talk about it to avoid being seen as crazy or anything similar.

What happened to me

In my case, it happened when the kitchen knife disappeared while I was preparing lunch. I’ve searched everywhere, all the logical places like trash cans and kitchen drawers, as well as unlike places like under furniture, outside the house and places no one would have thought of. The fact is, even though I thought of and search everywhere, the knife was nowhere to be found.
A few days after the event, I still couldn’t get my brain around the strange disappearing knife act. There seems to be no “logical” explanation as to what had really happened. At some point, I thought of searching the Internet for any reasonable explanation of what had succeed or to find similar phenomenon experiences.

I searched the Internet for answers and found many interesting things, but no DOP (Disappearing Object Phenomenon) explanation I could resonate to.
No matter how accurate my conclusions and beliefs on the matter may be, I decided to put it out there so to share my thoughts, but mostly to get others to share their experiences for everyone’s knowledge’s sake.

6 days ago I was preparing lunch, but I wasn’t prepared for what followed. I was using my favorite kitchen knife to cut food, at some point I went to the fridge to get vegetables, when I came back the knife I was using, simply disappeared. The whole thing happened in about 30 seconds or less.

Disappearing Object Phenomenon

Disappearing Object Phenomenon

Why is this Strange?

Yes, I know that by now many of you might think that, I or someone else, took the knife elsewhere and can’t remember, the dog buried it, it’s under the sink, inside the trash can or a group of ants took it away while singing “your knife is ours, now go blog about it”.

Let me tell you a about that. Currently I’m on my holiday house, which means I have very few things here, including other knives or similar objects. My furniture’s very minimal, by choice, so things aren’t cluttered with many unusual places to “accidentally loose” things.
I had no dog at the time, no one was visiting me or anything out of the ordinary happened.What actually happened to me was going from preparing vegetables with a knife, getting something from the fridge and coming back to a disappearing knife. The whole thing took no more than 30 seconds.
There and then I started a mission to recover the knife, but wasn’t successful thus far. The knife had simply gone missing, with no Darwinian explanation whatsoever to be found.

More than 6 days went by (as I’m writing this), with no clues to the knife’s whereabouts or any possible reason to explain it.

This could be entirely unrelated, but it might be worth sharing another fact, so people can find possible relations that will help us all make some sense out of DOP, So, before the DOP happened, I was preparing lunch while having thoughts about the fact that we’re merely vessels for ideas. Basically, I was thinking that we’re merely dressing up ideas according to becoming entangled or vibrating at a similar rate of both, Darwinian and spiritual, environmental factors. To me, ideas are, in essence, already existing in some energy form. In my opinion, ideas are energy waiting to become mass.
This might also explain, on some level, why we might sometimes feel that ideas come to mind, instead of coming from the mind itself. Many musicians report this kind of event, where they mention that great songs came to them out of nowhere, be that in dreams or inspirational periods, in which ideas just come to mind and a whole song is written for example.
So we could just be borrowing ideas that already exist and they come to us once we get in alignment with it.

But why am I telling you this? I think the fact that this thought process was happening while the knife disappeared might have some relation, or maybe it doesn’t. Anyway, some people can relate on some level to this and get us all more knowledge base about the DOP.

DOP Theories

I don’t think to know what the DOP really is, I understand that truth might always be a relative definition, but at least I would like to have a clearer understanding of the DOP phenomenon.

Maybe the Disappearing Object Phenomenon is some sort of non physical event with repercussions in the physical reality that we can “see”. When it happens, the event may trigger some action that can make objects move or disappear in the physical world. Bermuda triangle rings a bell?

Many things have been said about the DOP, some talk about spirits, parallel universes, aliens, spiritual alignment and many other things. For me, they could all be true, but no one really knows what it is yet.
The latest quantum physics theories point out to parallel universes, it might make sense to see the disappearing object phenomenon as some kind of different universe interaction making objects shift position or similar.

Also, science still needs better understanding of how the inner works of the mind operate. It’s scientific common sense that we may have abilities beyond our current understanding, so much needs to be known regarding possible interactions between the mind (spiritual) and the physical (Darwinian) paradigm. Maybe new spiritual abilities are being born to mankind, and the disappearing object phenomenon might be the result of that.

It might also be yourself saying something to yourself subconsciously that triggers these DOP events. The mind could be playing tricks on you. This kind of memory “incorrections” have been studied in witness testaments where the mind might “see” what isn’t there. That might have caused you to actually move the object, but since you’ve made up a version of reality in your brain, the real reality isn’t real to you. Basically what this means is, somehow you forgot a few steps of what happened, so the thing gone missing doesn’t make sense. Sure, it doesn’t make sense to the version your mind has of reality.
Can we really trust our mind? The conscious and the subconscious one? Maybe subconsciously we’re making ourselves aware of something, maybe a needed shift in life direction, new dreams or aspirations.

Maybe it’s some old family ancestors trying to make a message across. The “truth” is that, in fact, one knows what DOP really is… Yet.

Some other explanations on DOP can be found in the Stephen Wagner article, though I don’t really get the ghost stuff.

My theory on DOP

So what are my conclusions on what is the disappearing phenomena?

Talking generally and of experience and understanding of what the phenomena were to me, the DOP could be an eye opener, something to widen our perception. In a way, it is some sort of the “not seen” reality spectrum event interacting with you on a physical level. And that “not-seen reality spectrum event” might include you too in the uncharted mind abilities. We, or the subconscious-we, might know more than we think we do, and have abilities beyond our understanding.

To me, the Disappearing Object Phenomenon might be some sort of non physical event with repercussions in the physical reality we can “see”. When that happens, the event triggers some action that can make objects move or disappear in the physical world. Bermuda triangle rings a bell?

What does this means to someone who had contact with DOP?
We’re interacting with the universe on many levels, but we’re filtering reality by our 5 senses only. Our body, feelings and interactions with the nonphysical are happening, even if the conscious mind isn’t aware of it. The DOP could be a ripple effect that might give us signs to something happening in the “background”, and that’s something we should, at least, look into for knowledge’s sake.

So the DOP could be a sort of warning sign of what’s about to happen ahead in the future. It’s a way for you to evaluate the “seen” and not “seen” realities and prepare for change. The change could be something good or not, but good or bad is very relative and good things can turn out bad in the future too.

When I talk about the realities that we cannot see, it could be all non physical events that happen. Quantum physics, unknown phenomenon (Bermuda triangle), spiritual entities, aliens, subconscious mind, and literally everything else you may think of.

As a side note, always get suspicious if the thing that disappeared was somewhat valuable. The non physical event should not have a monetary agenda, but of course we don’t know that for sure. If what disappeared was valuable enough, take the extra time to rule out a very efficient “police case”.

Tell us your experience. Did this happen to you? What was happening in your mind or life while the DOP happened? Maybe your input can get us all closer to what DOP really is.

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